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Clemmie Grace Designs

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Clemmie Grace Designs:  is one of Columbia’s Premier Wedding Designing Companies!  They will plan, design and decorate your corporate dinner, rehearsal dinner while specializing in breathtaking weddings. They provide everything including the wedding party flowers, decor, set-up and tear down. They also will come and stage your wedding if you already have everything but just need someone to come and put it together for you.

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Wendy Binns – Wedding Planner and Draping Expert

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Wendy Binns: is brilliant wedding planner located in Columbia, TN. She had a full service wedding design company for 10 years in Nashville, so she knows all the ins and outs in the event and wedding design business, taught classes on how to design and do event draping while selling and providing one-of-kind products to event designers all over the world, and now owns Columbia Event Draping.  Currently Wendy can help with your budget and design planning, there is no charge for the consultation if done in Columbia or Spring Hill, web-Nashville July workshop day 1--8293Wendy will look at the complete wedding design and budget and will help direct you to local designers, florists, djs and more, she can work with these local vendors that will take the vision designed and pull it off spectacularly!

  • Email: wendyb@eventprotraining.com
  • Text or Call (615) 967-1793