Event Locations in Columbia Tn and Springhill TN

Here is a listed we have compiled of the locations in this area that are great event locations / venues to book your wedding or event. The location do not pay to be on here, so we can give our positive and negative reviews of each location so its easier for you to make your choice of what locations to use!  Since we are still considered a new draping company in these parts, most of these locations we have not yet draped and as we do and as we find out more information on each of them, we will update pictures and the info.

Columbia, TN

Antrim Farms – 2759 Pulaski Hwy.  Columbia, TN   (931) 797-2371

Email: antrimcelebrations@gmail.com

Facebook: Antrim Celebrations

Website: www.antrimcelebrations.com


antrim farms columbia tn antrim2


  • 300 acres of awesomeness – I dont think the pictures that they have really show how awesome the property is!
  • Hotel are close, so your not way out in the country.
  • The barn inside is gorgeous and would look stunning with some ceiling draping added!
  • The horse stalls where converted in a kitchenette area, and awesome bathrooms.
  • The land is stunning.. and gorgeous picture spots all over.


  • They currently do not have heat and air in the barn


Westbury House on the Square – 125 W 7th st.  Columbia, TN (931) 334-6810

Website: westbury house

Email: WestburyHouseOnTheSquare@gmail.com

facebook: westbury house on the square

westbury house

westbury house2 westbury house3



  • I have not seen this location in person yet, but it seems to be the only modern classy location that I’ve seen so far.
  • Love the brick wall, some colored uplighting on this would be great
  • Also some specialty wall draping that curtains would be great.
  • Has a glamorous 30’s feel about it and I love the front of the location


  • The website doesn’t have a lot of pictures nor any booking or cost information
  • It looks like in the picture you’ve got one wall that is brick and a yellow wall on the opposite side, we will go check this out.
  • Not sure if the ceiling would allow draping from the way it looks in the pictures, But if so, ceiling draping each would be stunning!
  • It is on the square so I’m wondering how parking works
  • We don’t know yet if they allow outside catering or not. As we find out we will update this post.


Elm Springs – Columbia TN

This location was referred to us, but we cannot find any information on them online, will update as we do


Crye Leike Columbia Event Center – 1116 Nashville Highway, Suite 103   Columbia, TN (931) 540-8400

Website – Event Center



I’ve actually seen this location live and it is a great room, big! Very Nice space. Very affordable!


  • Drop Down Ceiling is great for ceiling draping
  • Room is large
  • Very affordable: $200 for half day rentals, plus $250 deposit, the deposit will be refunded if the room is left in cleaned condition
  • Outside catering allowed, and alcohol (I think) I will check
  • Great huge parking lot for parking


  • Just no pictures of weddings or event pictures on the website. We will go take some pictures of the room and update this post




Elks Lodge – 1208 Wkrm Ln. Columbia TN 38401  (931) 381-0702 (opened from 4-11)

website: elks lodge

email: columbiaelks686@gmail.com




  • The meeting room has a capacity of 200 people. In addition, our lounge can host another 45 guests.
  • We have successfully held wedding rehearsals, wedding parties, corporate banquets, and private parties.
  • The meeting room has a stage for bands to set up and we’ve had numerous nice dances at the lodge.
  • Catering for functions can be provided by the lodge or outside catering can be used.
  •  competitive pricing
  • Just adding drape to the walls would completely change the look of this location! (from the above picture)
  • Great floor!


  • I only see pictures of the smaller room (I think) online and I dont see pictures of the other rooms. (We will go to this location and take better pictures of all the areas for a wedding and the stage)



Ring Farm – 2628 Greens Mill Rd.  Columbia, TN  (931) 486-2395

Facebook: Ring Farm


ring wedding

ring wedding

ring wedding

ring wedding


  • Ring farm has Beautiful sites to pick from for your wedding. I like the wooden chuppah area with the wooden ceremony benches
  • Includes a barn with heat and air, restrooms, and a catering kitchen.
  • There is a large parking lot with handicap parking available.


  • I’m guessing the barn includes the picnic tables but not sure. If you wanted round tables and chairs we will find out if you need to move them or if the location will.
  • The dirt floor in the barn is there, not concrete. Just be aware.
  • I dont see a lot of wedding pictures online, we will make a trip out here and get more pictures of the areas you can use for weddings and update this as we find out.



Springhill, TN

UAW Hall -125 Town Center Pkwy – Spring Hill, TN

Website: UAW Hall spring hill


email: uawevents@gmail.com

banquet%20bar   banquet%20from%20stage banquet%20stage

This location we had done a reception here before – above are the before pictures we took. The bar (far above left, the view of the back of the room, and the front of the room with the stage)



Positives: (What I remember from personal experience)

  • You can bring in your own catering and bartending, alcohol requires a security officer to be there and additional fees apply
  • Great large space. I think we had around 350 guests there with a huge dance floor and it felt plenty large enough
  • Tables and Chairs are included
  • HUGE Dance floor!


  • You cannot hang drapery from the ceiling I do believe so this is why we put gobo designs on the ceiling
  • Because of all the windows, if your getting married there in the summer remember it wont get dark till about 8 or 9. So if your depending on lighting to create a mood. you may want to cover the windows and do side wall draping.
  • They are booked a long time in advance..so book as far out as you can.


b5 rec1 (50) rec4 (6)



Homestead Manor (Farmers Market)

4683 columbia pike  Thompsons Station, Tennessee (615) 538-6113

Facebook: Homestead Manor


homestead manor2

homestead manor homestead manor3


I believe this is fairly a new location in the spring hill / thompsons station area. Someone had actually tagged me in a farmers market picture and said “This would look awesome with draping and lighting!” I do agree!!! I have not been there yet in person, but I plan on it very soon.



  • Looks like the event barn is plenty big and the wood, stone, and chandeliers are just beautiful!


  • I have tried to contact them a few times through facebook and the response time is a little slow.
  • I’m guessing no heat or air since sides of the barn are completely open, but we will check that out.
  • I do not see any links or information on the rental costs or who to contact for pricing or what is included in a wedding package.. as we find out more, we will update this.



Rippavilla – 5700 Main St.  Spring Hill, Tennessee (931) 486-9037





Pulaski, TN

Milky Way Farms – 520 Milky Way Rd. Pulaski, Tennessee (931) 808-2281

Email: info@milkywayfarm.org

Facebook: Milky Way Farms



milkywayfarms5 milkywayfarms2 milkywayfarms3



  • Manor: Sunday – Friday $3,000, Saturday is $4,000
  • Show Barn – $3,000
  • Chandelier Barn – $2,000
  • Stone Barn – $2,000
  • Twilight Chapel – $1,500
  • Scenic Overlook – $1,500



  • Absolutely stunning location, scenery, the stone house, the stone in the barn area, perfect ceiling for draping
  • Using uplighting on the stone walls would make this place come alive for an event!
  • Brides can choose 1930’s Tudor mansion, the plantation, grand barns, or foundations (So many great spots)


  • I couldn’t tell from the website if there were any negatives or anything to be aware of.



Eagleville, TN

Samary Plantation – 2133 Allisona Rd. Eagleville, Tennessee (615) 849-6519

Email: MDTune@live.com

Facebook: Samary Plantation


Event Locations in Columbia Tn and Springhill TN Eagleville TN


Samary Plantation Samary Plantation3 Samary Plantation (2)


  • This wrought iron chandelier is awesome and this location would look amazing with ceiling drape!
  • Lots of great areas for photography.
  • Packages include a wedding planner.
  • Several areas for Ceremony and Receptions
  • Access to the premises the day before to setup (this is great!)
  • outside catering, bartender etc is allowed (great) – They must provide their own liability insurance
  • You can bring your own alcohol


  • The barn is not climate-controlled
  • Table and chairs are not included in the contract price
  • Just be aware nothing can be tossed at the bride and groom as they depart (not really a negative, just something to be aware of)