Ceremony Draping

Ceremony draping can be stunning! Create that magazine style wedding ceremony with draping!

Columbia TN Draping

We can fully drape the entire room


Columbia TN Draping-8

These are called un-connected aisle draping – These can be installed on pews very easily. We can add or work with your wedding designer for flowers, lighting, and the bazillion petals that we use.  These aisle normally run around $60 per pew (prices vary depending on what is being layered on top of the fabric), Rose Petals Aisle runner around $495 and lighting is right around $25 per pew.

Columbia TN Draping-18

This is called the connected drape. This can be done with freestanding 3 foot uprights or attached to the pews.  Normal prices range from $1,500 – $3,500 for the complete aisle setups.


Columbia TN Draping - Ceremony Wedding Draping - the mill

This was considered ceiling wedding ceremony drape and the drape on the stairs was the altar draping – This works well for the money especially if the room is being flipped from Ceremony to Reception also.

Columbia TN Draping - room flip example

This hotel banquet room is a great example of using the draping for the Ceremony and then flipping the room (cocktail hour in the hallways) into a Reception. Using all the things you just used in the Ceremony also for the Reception.

Columbia TN Draping-7

Also Ceremony Draping would include chuppahs, or round chuppahs, or mandaps – As above.  These normally run around $995 just depending on the extra additives needed. Normally that price includes the fabric and silk flowers  (all pictured above are silks/latex)

Columbia TN Draping-26

We do have access to some of the best wedding designs we think on the planet, I love how we can collaberate and bring everything together.. if your adding bling down the aisle, we can add bling hanging from the ceiling, hanging with your drape.. etc. We want your event to be a complete WOW factor!

Columbia TN Draping-29

This above small ceremony wanted a white ostrich feather chandelier and bling hanging in the center of the ceiling drape. We accomplished this wonderfully!

Custom chandeliers normally run around $995.. just depending on what you want.