Ceiling Draping

Ceiling Draping can run anywhere from $1,500 – $150,000 and up! It really just depends on the amount of fabric we will need to use, how hard it is to install, how tall the ceilings are and the amount of time we will have to install the draping.

Full View Shelbyville Armory

For Example: The above fully draped room (armory) took us 5 days to install, we had to use a lift, and the walls were 20 foot tall and we had to install air conditioning and lighting before the drapery. So this one cost a pretty penny. This was right about $80,000 worth of draping and lighting.


Embassy Suites Royal Colors Reception

The above royal colored draping and lighting was done at an Embassy Suites hotel and we could only get in after an event had ended on Saturday night. So we had a crew of 11 that arrived at around midnight and worked until the next morning at 10:00 a.m.  This was not an easy draping setup because the ceiling was not flat all the way, but we had to create the illusion with draping that it was.  So therefore what might have been a $5,000-$7,000 setup on a flat ceiling became a $13,000- $15,000 setup because of the time factor, crew factor and difficulty factor.



Columbia TN Draping-17

The above style of drapery is what we call Arm Drapery.  This can be hung fairly quickly around 5-7 hours in a few different design styles depending on what the ceiling is and how it is attached. Even though all these look fairly the same. This style costs between $1,500 – $2,500 on average.


Columbia TN Draping-23

This above draping style ranges around $2,500-$3,500 depending on location and again amount of fabric or “arms” we install and the lighting.  And also we could only get into this location at 5:00 a.m. and only had 9 hours to complete a complicated draping before the decor was ready to move out. We worked very closely with the design team so they could be putting everything together on the sides, while we had the lift and moving around the floor.  When we are doing draping, no other decor or table or chairs can be on the floor till the draping is done.

Normally customized gobo lighting is around $450 and designs on dancefloors or ceilings is $350 per light (for example the above dance floor has 2 gobos on it)

Chupptagons (above bottom left corner) range from $995 – $1,500 – Great for cake table setups or sweetheart tables. — See more designs under table draping–



childrens church transformation with full room draping

This fully draped room above had some “pluses” going for it. We had 2 days to install the draping before the rest of the Ceremony chairs and decor were brought in. And the location let us install cabeling instead of using the pipe and drape system. (less cost) This room was about a 50X60 and 12 foot tall ceilings – We used 300 yards of satin fabric- with our rolling scaffolding for installation and the cost was right around $7.000.00


Columbia TN Draping-24

This above black and white setup had some specialty fabric (the hanging dot), black and white satin draping, backdrop draping, cake chuppah draping.. and even with the specialty fabrics the cost ran right about $5,000 – had a great ceiling to hang from (metal beams), we could reach with our rolling scaffolding, and we had 2 days to setup the draping before the other decorations came in.




This above tent cost a pretty penny, this took us 3 days to install because we actually had to create a wire grid frame to place the hanging lanterns exactly where they needed to be before the draping.

Tents normally run around $2,500 to drape and we have to have it there the day before anything else is added in, but with special gridwork and extra days.. your looking at around a $7,000 job with special lighting and lift etc.


Columbia TN Draping-13

The above picture here was ceiling draping/column draping. The Ceiling draping was done around a dance and that will normally cost you right at $995.00 and each column is $200 to drape. Adding lighting under the dance floor draping added another $250.. but looked spectacular and romantic as it got dark.


So hopefully all of the above gives you an idea of pricing examples and also shows you how we price.  If we have already previously done a location, it is pretty easy for us to give you a quote right over text or email. Most times if you send us the information we need ( Length, width, and height from floor to ceiling, what style you want, how long will we have to drape,etc..) Then text or email us pictures of the room.  The easiest way to do that is stand at the entry and just start from the left and take a picture, center and right side.. Dont do panaromic pictures as this tends to distort our view.  A lot of times we can get you a close estimate of what it will cost. If we are unsure and need to see the structure, the consultation in Columbia or Spring Hill is free and this will help us give you an exact quote. You can simply use the contact form to the left and we will get back to you within 24 hours or you can text us for a faster response at 615-967-1793! We look forward to working with you!