About Wendy


” Hello, and welcome to my photography website!  I am a very easy going and fun loving wife of a homesteading farmer in Santa Fe, TN and mother to 3 beautiful girls.

Favorite of all 3 girls

I love all kinds of photography except weddings! :-) My husband is a professional wedding photographer and its way to stressful!

But I LOVE doing portraits! Either a Studio Type Setup or Outdoors setup.

We are developing some really great photography areas we are to start shooting at in our farm in Santa Fe, TN!

Kid Photography

 I am very patient even with small kids and this helps create an atmosphere that invites beautiful moments to be captured! I’m totally ok with screaming babies and for small babies to eat in between.. Toddlers are a mess and I basically just capture what they are doing instead of me trying to “make” them pose.. which turns out some really great shots anyways.

Family Christmas 2015-44 Family Christmas 2015-56

 Wendy Binns Photography smyrna photographer (800 of 1) Wendy Binns Photography smyrna photographer (409 of 20)

Maternity Shoots

Another of my favorites is Maternity Shoots , With these shoots I normally will also do hair and makeup if wanted because this is a chance to make the mom who normally at the point to get pictures, she feels big and worn out.. this shoot creates a chance to capture the miracle of pregnancy in an artistic and beautiful way, and it makes the mom feel fabulous. We are not rushed and will take lots of breaks to capture the maternity shots. If there are siblings you want, no problem at all.

JenniferGMaternity (101 of 9) JenniferGMaternity (105 of 9)

web-Wendy Binns Photography -A - Maternity_-3 web-Wendy Binns Photography-2

aaBy Wendy Binns aPhotography--16  By Wendy Binns Photography- By Wendy Binns Photography--10

Family Shoots

Family Pictures I love to have fun with them, If your looking for a nice quiet and traditional photographer I may not be the right pick, BUT if your looking for a fun shoot with a simple studio style or something more fun then you’ve picked the right photographer…

Family Christmas 2015-34 Faweb-family shoot by Wendy Binns (149 of 55)

Newborn Boy Photography by Wendy Binns (111 of 15) web-granger family christmas 2013-4312LeonaFamily2015 (215 of 1)

Senior Pictures


AlexisBhighres-2 Event Pro Training Fall Workshop 2015-3 AlexisBhighres-130

Event Pro Training Fall Workshop 2015-6 AlexisBhighres-122

Shayna Senior pics -clredit (6 of 67) Shayna Senior pics -clredit (14 of 67) Shayna Senior pics -clredit (34 of 67) Shayna Senior pics -clredit (49 of 67)

I look forward to talking with you soon! You can always call or text me at 615-967-1793 or email me at WendyB@eventprotraining.com